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On Dick and cat6 (seven)

On Dick and cat6 (seven)

Today we are going to talk about a Cantonese swearword. This is not suitable for children and conservative ladies. The Cantonese swearword in question is cat6?, which means dick, a vulgar term for male reproductive organ. An erected but soft penis is called cat6?. luk1cat1 ??means prick.

cat1?  comes from the Cantonese numeral cat1? (seven), but the tone is changed from tone 1 to tone 6, that is, from cat1?to cat6?. Below please find the pictograph for cat1? or seven. According to the Book of Changes, it is a masculinity symbol. Since cat1?is a masculinity symbol, cat6?means dick.

The swearword cat6? is often used as adjective, meaning stupid, or clumsy, or silly or foolish. ban6cat6?? means stupid dick. cat6tau4 ??means dickhead. cat6 can also be used as adverb. For example, daa2cat6keoi5 ???means beat the shit out of him. daa2 means beat. cat6 dick. keoi5 him.

So today we have learnt cat6 as dick. But please do not use it on formal, solemn occasions, and please do not use it before women and children.

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