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ng5 五 five and Righteous Heroes

ng5 五 five and Righteous Heroes

jing1 hung4 hou2 hon3英雄好漢Righteous heroes,
hung1 waai4 daai6 ji6胸懷大義Cherish honour,
ng5 wu4 cat1 hoi2 leoi5五湖七海裡Five lakes seven seas,
hap6 haak3 do1 gwan1 zi2俠客多君子Full of chevaliers.

Hello everybody, today we are going to talk about the Cantonese numeral五 ,which means five. 五 ng tone 5 means five. The song above comes from a Hong Kong popular song composed by Joseph Koo in 1976, with lyrics by James Wong.

jing1 hung4 hou2 hon3英雄好漢means heroes and brave men. hung1 waai4 daai6 ji6胸懷大義, hung1胸 means the bosom, waai4 懷means to cherish, daai6 ji6大義, great righteousness.

ng5 wu4 cat1 hoi2 leoi5五湖七海裡, ng5 wu4五湖five lakes; cat-hoi七海the Seven seas.

hap6 haak3 do1 gwan1 zi2.

hap6 haak3 chevaliers; do1 many, gwan1 zi2君子, gentlemen.
ng5 wu4 cat1 hoi2 leoi5 , hap6 haak3 do1 gwan1 zi2. 五湖七海裡 俠客多君子means there are a lot of chevaliers and gentlemen within the
Five Lakes and the Seven Seas.

Now let us look at the Chinese pictograph for ng5 五or five.

The first picture above stands for the modern form of ng5; the second picture stands for the ancient, original form. As we can see from the second picture, the horizontal stroke above stands for the Heavens, the one below stands
for the Earth, they cross over each other in the middle, giving rise to the five basic elements of the Universe, that is, ng5 hang4 五行 the five basic elements, including gam1金 、muk6 木、seoi2水 、fo2 火、tou2土 . gam1金 means gold; muk6 木, means wood; seoi2水, means water; fo2 火,
means fire; tou2土, means earth.

And there are also ng5 zong6, the five internal organs, including:

sam1 、gon1 、pei4 、fai3 、san6。sam1 heart; gon1 liver; pei4 spleen; fai3 lung; san6 kidney.

There are also ng5 leon4, the five basic human relationships, including father and son, the king and his followers, the senior and the junior, and also fu1-fu5 , husband and wife, and also pang4 jau5, means friends.

So today we have learnt ng5 五or five. jing1 hung4 英雄or hero.
ji6 義or righteousness, an equivalent of Western honour.

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