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Question: Are the regular newsletters with videos and articles really free of charge?

Answer: Yes, absolutely free. All you have to do is sign up or sign in.

Question: Is the free trial of this website’s resources, including numerous videos and articles, really free?

Answer: Yes, absolutely free during the trial period. You may withdraw any time within the first 15 days, without having to pay a single cent.

Question: Are the videos, webinar events, and teachings concerned one-way communications or interactive processes?

Answer: With dramatic performances like singing and authentic daily-life conversations, backed up by solid academic grounds and with chances for asking questions during live events and course teachings, the presentations are interactive, dynamic and interesting.

Question: If I join the group class of Cantonese for Beginners, or Intermediate Cantonese, or Orthodox Chinese culture in the middle, will I be able to view the sessions that have been offered before?

Answer: Sorry, no, you will only be able to join and view the sessions that you have paid for, each lasting for around one hour. For the sessions that you have missed, you will have to wait till the whole course begins again next round, and the materials will be updated and improved in each round.