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Entering Tones (Checked Tones)

Entering Tones (Checked Tones)

Dr. Cantonese (Chapman Chen, Ph.D.)

Cantonese has nine tones and six tone contours. The six tone contours include high-falling (1), mid-rising (2), mid-level (3), low-falling (4), low falling (5), low-level (6). There are three entering tones, namely, entering high-level (1), entering mid-level (3), entering low-level (6). For example, read aloud in the following order: fan1? (divide) fan2? (powder) fan3? (training) fat1? (suddenly); fan4? (burn) fan5? (exert oneself) fan6? (part) fat6? (Buddha); faat3? (emit/send). The tone of faat3 is somewhere between fat1 and fat6.

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