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dim2gaai2 Why am I Happy

dim2gaai2 Why am I Happy

man6 ngo5 dim2gaai2 wui2 gou1hing1  問我點解會高興
gau3 ing2 dim2gaai2 jiu3 fu2co2 究竟點解要苦楚
ngo5 siu3zyu6 wui4-daap3  我笑住回答 
gong2 jat1seng1  講一聲
ngo5 hai6 ngo5 我係我

Ask me why I am happy,
Ask me why I should be gloomy.
Smilingly, I reply, attention, I am I.
Hello, everybody, this is Dr. Cantonese speaking. Today we are going to talk about dim2gaai2 or why. The song that I have just sung comes from a HK pop song (man6 ngo5 ask me) composed by Michael Lai in 1976, with lyrics by James Wong.

man6 ngo5 dim2 gaai2 wui2 gou1 hing1  問我點解會高興 ask me why I am happy. man6 ngo5 ask meaning me. man6 meaning ask; ngo5 meaning me. dim2gaai2 why. wui2 meaning would be. gou1hing1 happy. gau3 ging2 dim2 gaai2 jiu3 fu2 co2 究竟點解要苦楚 why on earth I have to be unhappy or agonized. gau3ging2 on earth. dim2gaai2 why. jiu3 have to be. fu2co2 agonized. ngo5 siu3 zyu6 wui4 daap3我笑住回答Smilingly, I reply, ngo5 meaning me or I. siu3zyu6 smilingly. wui4daap3 reply. ngo5 hai6 ngo5 我係我 I am I; I am what I am. ngo5 meaning I. hai6 am. ngo5 I. I am I; I am what I am.

So today we have learnt dim2gaai2 or why. And we have learnt 問 man tone 6, meaning to ask. And we have learnt wui4daap3 回答or just 答, meaning to reply. 答daap tone 3, meaning to reply.

do1-ze6 Thank you. bou2cung4 Take care.

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